How to become a Radio jockey in India 2021 – Detailed guide

    How to become a Radio jockey in India 2021 – Detailed guide

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    Friend’s today’s topic of this post is how to become a Radio jockey, What is a Radio jockey, Qualifications to become a radio jockey, Radio jockey courses eligibility, Radio jockey salary and much more.

    If you want to make a career in the field of Radio Jockey and want to become an RJ then this post can definitely very helpful to fulfill your dream of an RJ Career. In this post, we will give you the complete information about how to become a radio jockey in detail so you don’t need to go somewhere else after reading it completely. I have given all the important information about how to make a career in RJ. So that you understand this field properly and then follow the path of making a career in this sector.

    I also cover the RJ colleges in India which is best for you so that you don’t need to worry about where should I do this course? And also, one can get a job easily. Apart from this, I have also discussed how much are the course fees to become RJ, What is the career scope in this. We will discuss all these topics in this post.

    So, do not skip any topic and read it completely for better understanding.

    What is RJ

    RJ is a field of radio in which your identity is the voice. The job of a successful RJ is to play songs and bring the biggest thing to the listeners in an attractive and simple way.

    To become an RJ, there are special opportunities for those youth, whose thinking is modern and imagination power is unlimited and they are energetic in themselves. An RJ should have a good voice as well as friendly nature and skills of wit (intelligent humor).

    RJ should have good knowledge of voice fluctuations according to emotion. The programs broadcast on the radio are conducted by Radio Jockey i.e RJ.

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    How to become RJ

    Nowadays, many students dream of becoming RJ’s. But not everyone is successful in this field. Before coming to the field of RJ, you should assess your abilities, whether you have all the skills that are necessary to make a career in Radio Jockey or not. At present, there are many colleges that gave courses of RJ through which You can develop and hone your skills by joining these courses.

    To get into RJ, you can start RJCareer after doing a Diploma in RJ or Diploma in Radio Production and Management or Journalism and Mass Communication course. After doing the course, it is very important to do an internship as an RJ. Because during the course you are given practical training in RJ, but they give you very limited knowledge. Whereas, if you do training in a radio production company, then you get a real knowledge of how this field works. During the internship, you also learn to do your work on your own with the support of your seniors, which is very important for your career.

    The second advantage of doing an internship is that if your work is liked by the employees there, then you can also get a job offer from there.

    So focus on learning as much as possible during the internship and do the internship with honesty and hard work. If in case you didn’t get a job in the company where you are doing an internship then an internship certificate will also help you to get a job.
    Auditions are conducted from time to time on many radio channels in this sector. You can find jobs in radio channels like AIR, Times FM, Radio Mirchi, Radio Mid Day, Vividh Bharati, Radio City, Jago Mumbai, Big FM, Red FM, Radio 1, etc.

    Career Scope in RJ

    In this field, numerous good options are available in both the software producing company and anchoring sectors. Earlier, Doordarshan was only used as the medium of radio, but today many FM channels have come so, there are many career possibilities in radio jockey. FM channels are very popular in metro cities. You can act as Radio Jockey on these FM channels.

    Apart from FM channels in rural areas, community radio is also very popular and employment opportunities in that are available too. You may go to TV anchoring also after the radio jockey course if there is an attractive personality with a voice in you.

    (Note: I also wrote a detailed article on how to become a journalist in India if you are interested you can read that also after completing this article).

    All India Radio conducts auditions for RJ (radio jockey) in every three months. Apart from this, some companies also conduct this audition test in two months.

    In this field, you can get jobs in radio stations like All India Radio, FM, Times FM, Radio Mid-day, Software Producers, etc. You can get jobs in many big shows or even in films too.

    Qualifications to become a Radio Jockey

    For admission to Radio Jockey or Mass Communication course, you must have to pass the 12th standard from any stream.

    Duration: The duration of the Radio Jockey Certificate course is 3 to 6 months.

    Fees: Its course fees are around rupees 30 to 40 thousand.

    Also, the duration of the diploma course is 1 year. Its fee ranges from 40 to 60 thousand. The fees for mass communication courses range from 50 to 80 thousand per annum.

    The fee for a mass communication course in Government College is only 5 to 10 thousand per annum. But for this, you have to give the entrance exam.

    Under mass communication, there is a study of radio, TV, newspaper, social media, film, journalism etc,.

    Skills required for Radio Jockey

    Voice is the medium of communication in radio. So to become Radio Jockey, your voice should be attractive. The voice and style of speaking should be captivating. So that the audience is attracted to your voice. It is essential to have a fun speaking style, scriptwriting, better communication skills, the ability to present radio programs in an attractive manner, a good sense of humor, and also creativity in your work.

    Along with speaking and writing. Reading is also necessary. Have Interest in different types of books, articles, poems, newspapers, social issues.

    All these skills can prove helpful to become a radio jockey.

    Radio Jockey Courses

    Radio is the field of performing arts. That’s why the work available here is talent-based. A person having a basic certificate or diploma course could also enter into this field.

    There are many courses available related to radio jockeys, such as-

    • Certificate Course in Radio Jockey
    • Diploma in Radio Programming and Broadcast Management
    • Diploma in Radio Production and Radio Jockey
    • Diploma in Radio Jockey and Anchoring
    • Diploma in Mass Communication
    • PG Diploma in Mass Communication
    • Bachelor in Mass Communication and Journalism
    • Master in Mass Communication and Journalism

    Radio Jockey Work

    The programs broadcast on the radio are conducted by the RJ’s. The job of an RJ is not only to do radio shows but also to present music programming, story writing, radio advertising to audio, magazines, and documentaries in their field of work. have to do.

    A radio jockey has to be aware of the activities happening in the country and abroad as well as about the cultural activities of his city so that he can make his show even better and informative.

    An RJ may have to conduct the program any time of the day or night. Their timing is not fixed. It is the responsibility of the RJ to make the programs.

    Playing songs on the special demand of the listeners and interviewing famous personalities and giving information related to music, weather, traffic also comes under the purview of RJ. Only a radio jockey can take a radio station to great heights.

    Salary of Radio Jockey

    The starting salary in this field may be a little bit painful for some people because the Salary in this field depends on your qualification and demand.

    If you work as a trainee in any radio station then you can get Rs 5,000 -10,000 monthly.

    As an RJ, you can get around Rs 15,000-25,000 monthly salary but It also depends on which radio station you work with.

    Gradually, as the experience and popularity of the show increases and the fan following increases, your salary will also increase and you can also get a monthly salary of Rs 3-6 lakhs.

    Where to find a job for RJ?

    • You have to start listening to the radio because it is only on air that information about auditions is given. If you are an active listener then you will get the information very easily and you can go there for the audition.
    • You have to check the career page by visiting the website of any radio station whether there is a job vacancy for RJ or not. If yes, then from there you can apply for that job directly.
    • You can follow any radio station on social media platforms or follow them on the Facebook page, Instagram page will help you. Because whenever there is any new job vacancy on the radio station, it is also posted on social media platforms And if you are their active follower then you can apply for that job very easily.

    Best Colleges to become a Radio Jockey

    • Indian Institute of Mass Communication, Delhi
    • Mudra Institute of Mass Communication, Ahmedabad
    • Career Fame, Kolkata
    • Media and Fame
    • Film Institute of India, Mumbai
    • Asian Academy of Film and Television, Noida
    • Craft Film School, Delhi
    • Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi
    • Symbosis Institute of Communication, Pune
    • Whistling Woods International, Mumbai
    • Isomes Institute of Mass Communication, Delhi

    Radio Jockey Vacancies (Click here)


    I hope you found this article on how to become a radio jockey to be very helpful for your future if you read it completely. If you like it then please let me know in the comment section it gave me the motivation to post more new career options for you. Also, if you have any queries you can contact me through WhatsApp no. give in the about us page or you may also comment down below. I will try to help you ASAP.

    FAQ’S on how to become a Radio Jockey

    What is the qualification for Radio Jockey?

    For admission to Radio Jockey or Mass Communication course, you must have to pass the 12th standard from any stream.

    Is RJ a good career?

    With the increasing numbers of FM channels and their popularity, career as an RJ is definitely very good. There are many career possibilities in radio jockey

    What is the age limit for RJ?

    There is no age boundation in this sector.

    What is the salary of Radio Jockey?

    As the experience and popularity of the show increases, your salary will also increase and you can easily get a monthly salary of Rs 3-6 lakhs.

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