How to learn acting in 2021 – At home A to Z guide

    How to learn acting in 2021 – At home A to Z guide

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    How to learn acting– Do you also want to make a career in the field of acting? Do you want to make a career as an actor or actress in a film or TV serial, then today’s post seems to be very useful for you.

    Because in this post I shared all the aspects related to an Acting Career Like:

    • How to learn acting at home
    • How to do acting
    • How to be successful in acting
    • How to get a role in a film or TV serial
    • Where should I do the acting course
    • How much money do I need to make a career in acting
    • Is identity necessary to get work in a film or TV serial
    • How to become a successful actor

    Here You will get, to know about all these in detail through this article

    In today’s time, many young men and women, even children, want to make a career in the field of acting. Out of which many people have doubts whether they can become an actor or not. So, I will tell you only one thing about this i.e., yes you can become an actor. Absolutely 100%.

    In fact, no power in the world can stop you from becoming an actor. But- but the way I told you with so much confidence that you can definitely become an actor. But do you have the same confidence in yourself? Do you have so much passion that no power in the world can stop you from becoming an actor? Have you ever sat alone and analyzed why you want to become an actor? Can you act?

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    If even after thinking about all these things, your heart said that yes, I have to do only acting, I just want to be an actor only, I born just to be an actor then surely you will become a successful actor one day.

    But not just by thinking that yes I will definitely become an actor. You can’t be like this. When you first decided that you only want to be an actor. After this, you have to choose a good acting institute from where you have to learn acting.

    So, now let’s know about how to learn acting.

    How to learn acting

    There are many brothers & sisters who ask us in the comments that “Sir, how to learn acting”.

    So I decided to tell you some useful tips about that. The first thing is about finding the best quality acting institutes, i.e., the best institutes in India. I selected some of the best institutes for that. Their special thing is that the fees of these institutes are so low that even the poorest students can easily learn acting.

    In fact, If you have money, you are rich, then also I will recommend that you should learn acting from here itself.

    First of all, let me tell you what are the courses you can do to make a career in acting. You can join these courses as per your wish.

    • Course for Career in Acting
    • Certificate Course in Acting
    • Diploma in Acting
    • PG Diploma in Acting
    • BA In Theater and Drama
    • BA in Dramatic Arts
    • Diploma in Dramatic Arts
    • BA in Performing arts
    • MA in Theater and drama
    • MA in Dramatic Arts
    • MA in Performing Arts
    • PG Diploma in Dramatic Arts

    The courses which I mentioned above, you can pick any one of these courses as per your eligibility and liking to make a career in the field of acting. There is a very slight difference between these courses. But after doing any one of these courses, you can easily enter into the acting sector.

    Nowadays most people prefer to do only courses like Certificate in Acting, Diploma in Acting because these courses are for 3 to 6 months. The focus of these courses is only on the acting syllabus. Secondly, Bachelor’s and Master’s degree courses are not available in acting. Therefore, those who want to do a bachelor’s or master’s degree course to get into the acting sector, they do courses like BA in Performing Arts or BA in Dramatic Arts.

    There is also a difference in the fees for these courses. Acting courses are mostly conducted in private institutions, whose fees are very high. Whereas courses like Performing Arts, Dramatic Arts, or Theater Arts are conducted by most government institutions. Whose fee is very less only 5 to 10 thousand rupees per year.

    You will get these courses in private film-making institutes too but they are very few in numbers also in private institutions, the fees for courses like performing arts, dramatic arts, or theater arts are much higher than acting courses which ranges from 1 lakh to 3 lakhs rupees each year.

    Now many people must have had this doubt in their mind that which course they should take to get into the field of acting. So, by taking any of these courses that I have told earlier, you can become a successful actor. But only when you do a course from any good acting institute.

    I am telling you about some government colleges, from where you can do acting or dramatic arts courses at very low fees. These are the best institutes in India. Also, some of the famous Bollywood actors have completed their course from here.

    Film and Television Institute of India which is in Pune. This is the first and the best acting institute in India. This is the Government Film Making Institute. From here you can do short term course in acting or 2 years PG Diploma in acting course. You can do PG Diploma only after graduation. For admission in this, you have to clear the entrance exam

    Apart from this, the National School of Drama is the best school for dramatic arts in India. From here also you can do PG Diploma in Dramatic Arts. Which is 3 years course. Seats are limited in this school. So, for admission in this, you have at least performed 6 dramas by yourself. Then only you can apply. Don’t worry if you don’t perform any drama yet you can also do courses from the colleges which I mentioned below. That is also very good.

    Let me tell you an important thing that many people are not able to succeed in this field the first reason is that they try only for a few days. After that, they leave the field thinking it’s not possible. But my recommendation is that If you are dedicated and wanted to become an actor or actress, then come to Mumbai taking at least 1 to 2 years with you for searching jobs and giving auditions.

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    The reason for the second failure is that people did acting courses from the wrong institute thinking the fees is low. And ultimately when they started going for auditions and searching for jobs they found that they didn’t get any special learning from there. And the reason is that When the instructor is not good, then how will he instruct you good. So do the course only from a good institute.

    Best acting colleges in India

    Bets acting college in India
    • Kerala State Chalachitra Academy
    • National Institute of Film and Fine Arts
    • Film and Television Institute Andhra Pradesh
    • Adarsh Film and Television Institute
    • Bharatendu Academy of Dramatic Arts
    • Shriram Center of Performing Arts
    • Bangalore University
    • Banaras Hindu University
    • Maharaja Sayajirao University
    • Jamia Millia Islamia Delhi

    You can accomplish your dream of becoming an actor by taking acting or performing arts courses from any of these colleges and universities.

    There are also a lot of students who ask that whether they can become an actor without taking the acting course or not? Then I replied “Yes, to become an actor, it is not compulsory that you have done an acting course but remember to avoid course only when you have a good understanding of acting, you know acting well. You should be able to do any character correctly”.

    Because in today’s time there is a lot of competition. People having very good acting skills are coming into the field of acting. In such a situation, if you want to get ahead of these people in the competition, then you should know acting better than them. The second thing is that acting has now become a professional industry.

    Therefore, if you want to reach heights in this profession, then you should have professional knowledge of acting. Nothing will happen with just basic acting. Only Small rolls can be found.

    Just because you really want to be successful in this sector, then my recommendation for you is that you should enter into the field of acting only by taking proper training.

    You will have many such acting-related things which you will not know. Everything is taught to you in the acting course.

    Note: Do an acting course at a good institute. Otherwise, your money and time will be wasted.

    How to learn acting at home

    • You can learn acting in many ways while sitting at home. The first is to create your own YouTube channel. On this, you shoot a short film or comedy film or any other type of your film and post it. This will gradually improve your acting. If people start liking your videos on YouTube, then you will also get a lot of income and popularity from YouTube.
    • The second way to learn acting from home is to join a theater group in whatever city you live in. This will also improve acting skills a lot.
    • Apart from this, the third way is to buy an acting book written by a good filmmaker and follow the tips mentioned in it. And do the rehearsals as per the prescribed conditions at home. Much more good information is given in these books. Which is very important for you to know. You will see that your actions will improve a lot. If you want to get into acting then you should definitely read those books to learn acting. Their cost is also around a hundred or two hundred rupees.
    • The Forth way to learn acting is that you can take online acting classes. But till now there is no any good institute that is interested in online classes. At present, only small and medium institutions conduct online acting classes.
    • The fifth way to learn acting at home is to join acting workshops. Due to which you will continue to learn the nuances of acting.

    If you are from a place where there are no good acting schools, then you can follow the above-mentioned methods. These will also help you to a great extent.

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    Hope you like this post on how to learn acting or how to become an actor or how to learn acting at home. If you like this post please let us know in the comment section below because we have covered almost every aspect which is required to learn acting but if you still have any questions then you can ask us through a comment. we will try to help you out ASAP.

    FAQ’s on how to learn acting

    How do you find Auditions?

    There are many ways for finding auditions but the best and effective way is to use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter for participating in auditions.

    Can you audition without an agent?

    Yes as far as the small or basic roles are concern you don’t require an agent but for the good roles, you definitely need an agent.

    How do you find Netflix Auditions?

    To find Netflix Auditions there is a website called you can check there for casting calls and Auditions.

    Do actors get paid if a movie flops?

    Yes, but only when they agree to a percentage of box office receipts and not a paycheck upfront.

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