Best part-time jobs for students in India 2021 – without investment

    Best part-time jobs for students in India 2021 – without investment

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    Hello everyone, Today in this article on best part time jobs for students in India we will talk about how a student can earn without any investment while working from home and able to arrange their pocket money very easily. In this article, I won’t show you big dreams like you earn lakhs, crores every month but I just show you how you can earn between 20 to 30 thousand every month so that you did not depend on anyone.

    Earning 20 or 30 thousand every month is not bad. I would like to tell you that some people in this world are earning less than 7 thousand every month even after doing a full-time job. That’s why you don’t need to feel demotivated by that at any point.

    Now, I am going to tell you few techniques of part-time jobs for students through which you can earn 20 to 40 thousand per month very easily while working from home.

    Try don’t miss any of these. It’s very helpful for you.

    1. Instagram Page

    Best part time jobs for students in India

    So, the first and very easy way to earn money for students is to create Instagram page.

    Sometimes you may hear or think that someone has millions of followers or thousands of followers on Instagram so, he or she may be earning too much money from it, but in reality, it’s not like that.

    Instagram which is owned by Facebook does not give you any money for that directly. Now, you may think then What happens when we create our page on Instagram because you read that Instagram didn’t offer you direct earning and the question which arises in your mind is, then from where people earn through it? Don’t worry I’ll tell you the answer to that in detailed below.

    So, when you are making your Instagram account while making you should make your account on certain niches (same type of post) like motivational quotes, business pages, fashion pages like suppose you are living in Mumbai and you are posting pictures or video clips of the celebrity when they are roaming on the street.

    So, when you started posting the same kind of post on a particular niche or suppose that if you created an account for the share market and you started posting the facts or informational clips on that, so those people who are interested in your niche they started following you and when gradually your followers started increasing like you reached more than 7000 followers then lots of people who want promotion on Instagram will DM ( direct message) you that “Hey, you want a promotion” and they started approaching you for promotion.

    Now here I am going to clear you that what you got for promoting them? So, when you are new and do not a big influencer so they pay you like 500 rupees, 400 or 300 and command you to post one swipe up in your story of their brand, but when you have more than 10k followers then only you got the function of swipe you otherwise they offer you to post. Here you don’t need to worry to create a post for them through canvas or editing the images kind of thing because they already have an image and they only give you the link to add in your bio and post that image.

    So, while doing their promotion you don’t need to work hard for that just use your account for his promotion and you got 500 rupees for that. I too owned more than 9 Instagram pages where I got every day thousands of messages for promotion. Sometimes I ignore them because I too have a lot of work to do.

    Now you think that if you are getting every day 300 to 500 rupees by just posting one image and also this amount will be increased as you grow. So at one time you easily started earning  20k, 25k as you getting 500, 700 rupees every day. You can imagine how easy it is to earn money for students. And that’s the thing which Instagram gave you to earn money through it also it’s your platform so, no one can steal it from you.

    2. Affiliate marketing

    Best part time jobs for students affiliate marketing

    The second best part time jobs for students in India is Affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a very big and a larger concept but from a student’s point of view, you can do it very easily. Affiliate marketing is nothing but to sell someone else product to 3rd person. There are various sites like Meesho, Glowroad, etc. where which you can affiliate their products because you have to start AD campaigns on Facebook and have to do various more things if you take affiliate from amazon.

    So, Meesho and Glowroad are some small companies. Their models are very small, I too do that and every Tuesday I got some money from them by selling their products. So, if I tell you the reality then you can earn not very much but definitely 6 to 7 thousand a month very easily if you affiliate their products. If you enter into this affiliate marketing industry then you learn lots of new things like how this works, what is the marketing mechanism, model of drop shipping these all things you learned from that, and sometimes you feel very sad while earning 6-7 thousand like what I am doing? and some demotivated thoughts

    But I’ll tell you that the people you are watching on youtube those who went from India to Canada and showing their lifestyle and you being amazed after watching them but when you saw their struggle then you found how difficult it is. Sometimes they used to work as a servant and as a waiter.

    So, you also don’t need to lose your patience. Work consistently and when you feel that now you are able to start your marketing agency then there will be plenty of money in that.

    3. Video marketing

    part time job for students video marketing

    The third best part-time jobs for students in India is Video Marketing. At this time the most booming thing is to become an influencer, shooting ads. In the early time shooting ADs was done by creating ADs and give them to the tv channels and that’s how they sell their products but it’s very expensive like to shoot their ADs first then give their AD campaign on T.V. and so on but now this whole process becomes very easy because you have the camera with you, you can edit your videos, you become an actor in your ads and that’s why this whole thing is growing very quickly

    Video marketing is the future. why future? because as you saw on youtube a few times before BABA KA DHABA become very popular. He got lakhs of rupees in their account in a single day why because someone shoots his video and it becomes popular. Likewise making videos on youtube is very easy and through this, people are earning lakhs of rupees every month. So video is the future. You can make videos for youtube through which you can earn from Ad-sense directly from youtube. Here, you don’t need to wait for someone’s sponsor. Youtube itself pays you for that.

    Secondly, you can also earn through the sponsor, sell your products through it if you have, like you are from Delhi and you started a youtube channel where you are showing every possible thing of Delhi from street food to monuments then after some point of time people started liking your videos and appreciating you and become your subscriber then you can introduce your products to them. So slowly it becomes the model of your earning.

    Again I am telling you that you need to become wealthy, not rich because the richer person always works in their life, on the other hand, the wealthy person saves their time. Today you do little and in the future, you have an empire.

    As I told you that you earn 20 to 30 thousand per month but if your channel becomes popular then you never have to worry about money in your entire life you can easily make tons of rupees per month. In the same way, you can also upload videos on Instagram, Facebook and promote yourself and earn from Facebook by their revenue model.

    As you see people pranking in public and they just put on a camera and record 10 minutes from it and the people you saw interacting in the videos are all friends and it’s all planned. After recording the video they upload it on youtube and in Facebook also and earned through both the platform.

    But, first, you have to start from the same 15-20 thousand per month. In India itself, there is a lot of examples where students aged between 21-25 are earning more than 12-15 lakhs each month from it so how can I say that it’s fake and I used to listen to them. But in starting you just have to think that you want to earn only 30-40 thousand each month not much and the same thinking will take you to your dreams.

    So, if you want something like that, then you have to work consistently and be patient and wait for your turn because video marketing now becomes a little competitive also.

    4. Network marketing

    network marketing jobs for students

    Network marketing is also one of the best part time jobs for students in India. Network marketing is not a new thing it is a very old direct selling  business which means that,

    In an earlier time when a company doesn’t have that much money to gave their ADs to T.V. So they make individual their distributors and they said that to sell their products and then influence 10 people to sell their product and then again these 10 people influence other 10 to sell their product and this is how the product sold in a large amount.

    Like if a company has 5 lakh staff and everyone is purchasing one of its toothpaste every month so the company sold his 5 lakhs of toothpaste each month and that’s the mechanism of direct selling.

    It’s a very good mechanism but today this mechanism also changed a little bit. I take it as digital network marketing for you to understand.

    Unless you didn’t do digital networks like showing your lifestyle, don’t talk about the digital network marketing on youtube or Instagram then the people didn’t attract from you.

    So it’ very important to become digital. This is a very good option for students but network marketing through social media.

    First, you have to get the information about the company like which is better always try to join product base company avoid chain base company which tell you to join people. Do the research first then only join.

    5. Online teaching

    online teaching job for students in Inddia

    Online teaching is one of the best part time jobs for students in India to earn money. When you started teaching on youtube, Facebook.

    Lots of companies approached you because they want online tutors and they offer lakhs of packages to you. While teaching online you can also sell your digital courses like most people record their videos and started selling their courses and also through Instagram you can sell your E book’s and earn money from them.

    5. Freelancing

    part time freelancing job for students in India

    In last 30 days at the time of lockdown our company hired 5 those type people which work for us from home.

    We gave them our project and then they submitted us after completion, for this we pay them. This type of work is known as Freelancing means you are not tied up with any company, you are not an employee of any company.

    The freelancing industry will be 20 to 30 billion dollars by 2025. So think about its scope and after lockdown and pandemic the demand is increased very rapidly because various companies they try to save their money and hiring freelancer because in this the company doesn’t have to worry about the seat cost, laptop, office expenses, electricity so they found freelancers better and affordable for their work.

    Now the question arises here that

    • what type of freelancing you do?
    • what are the services you can provide while working from home?

    So, the only thing I want to tell you here is that you can do everything you want. Like from copy-pasting, typing work, captcha filling to app development there are too many easy services which don’t need any of your skills and you can do it very easily but remember one thing this is only for beginners and in starting you don’t get much from it but you need to learn always and build new skills so that in future you can provide more services and earn in lakhs of money every month from home.

    Note: Be careful of the fraud calls or emails or messages which told you that I provide you the project and gave you good money but to enroll in it first you have to pay 3000 or 4000 rupees. Don’t do this at any cost please. That’s a scam.

    There is lot good platforms which provide you the facility to become freelancer. Some of these are:

    • Upwork
    • Fiverr
    • Guru

    I didn’t include Freelancer because now in Freelancer also scammers are doing their business. So you need to be a little careful about that.

    6. Blogging

    best part time jobs for students in india is blogging

    The best part-time jobs for students in India is Blogging. Some people have the problem that they feel shy on small things and don’t want to show their faces or voices but they have the hobby of writing. 

    If you like writing then you can enter into the blogging industry. Here you can write blogs and post your articles related to your topics on the websites or you can also post on your own website if you have.

    In blogging there also multiple options of earning like you can earn from AD revenue, Affiliate and things like that.

    But yes, the competition is a little on the higher side because it is easy to start and the people are shifting from reading to watching videos but you have the passion of writing and you feel good when you write then the internet is growing every day so blogging is also growing and you definitely go for it.

    7. Internship

    Internship for students

    Lights, camera, action. If career is movie then it’s trailer is called Internship. You can become intern also.

    A lot of companies, lots of professionals, lots of startups need interns. It can be in accountancy, it can be designed, it can be in digital marketing, it can be in sales, and a lot of different types of companies hire interns.

    You can go to websites like Intern Sala and whatever skills you have or whatever profile you have, apply on those internships, and submit your profile.

    8. Reseller

    reselling jobs for students

    If you have your father’s shop and you want to grow it more or you want to open your shop then in that case you became a reseller.

    You can purchase things wholesale from home and then sell them online through Ecommerce like Amazon, Flipkart kind of websites. People are doing it already and taking plenty of advantages from it.

    They are reselling their products from home. Ecommerce are growing very rapidly.

    How many peoples around you which started purchasing or make their habits of buying things online? I think most of them.

    While reaching 2026 the Ecommerce became 300 billion dollar industry (Rs 2,28,21,75,00,00,000) just in India. Then why don’t you are not getting advantage of this growth?

    Start now and don’t miss this golden opportunity.

    9. App Develpoment

    app development for college students

    This is for those who are interested in Tech or they are studying in the same stream like computer science,  information technology, electronics communication. Then this is one of the best options for you.

    Lat Year in India total 1900 crore apps were downloaded.

    Every brand, every professional they are trying to understand creating their app.

    You can give various companies your freelance services. They need App developers and you can provide your services of App development to them from home.

    If you don’t have complete learning on that then first you can learn this thing through paid online courses. It has the advantage for whole life. You can give business, professional, or brands your app services and create their apps.

    So, you can do freelancing also by providing your services and in future, if you grow then you can open your own agencies too.

    10. Meme marketing

    meme marketing best jobs for studdnets

    Some of you are not interested in Tech but you are creative, digital and want to know some secret then there is very big scope of future which is Meme marketing.

    Lots of companies, lots of brands, lots of T.V series, lots of channels there are reaching people through memes. They are finding it a very lite method of advertising, promoting their products, or to promote their brands and reach to the peoples that’s why meme marketing sneakily growing gradually.

    Did you know that there are even proper agencies for meme marketing? So you can give your freelance services from home if you have an interest in this type of work which is a little creative also digital and it is related to social media.

    You just create humor on that.

    11. Content writer

    content writing part time jobs for student

    If you are good at writing, which means you have a good written expression or you have good written communication then you can become a Content writer.

    A lot of websites need content writers to build their websites. It is also essential in advertising, marketing, blogs, and many more.

    So, you can do freelancing for content writing from home. Write according to your comfort and sell your written content also.

    12. Copy writing

    copy writing job for students

    For those who are good in writing and its expression then you have one more option which is Copy writing.

    There is a difference in content writing and copywriting which you can understand. Content writing is kind of user-oriented, long content and reaches it to people and the content is written while keeping users interests in mind.

    Whereas, copywriting is more or less which is used in advertising, used in generating leads, used in sales, or used to trigger emotions in few words.

    This is also an art which you can start learning and become an expert. As you started learning gradually you can increase your services fees.

    And, I know few person who charge Rs 15000 to write one email of only one page because they have expertise in it.

    13. Graphic designer

    graphic designer best job for students in India

    The best part-time jobs for students in India is to become Graphic designer.

    You can gave the services of logo, graphics, designs in it and you can easily do this work from home.

    What should be the design of the book or Ads like where the text should place, where the photo should place, how the backside of a book looks like, what is the print, what is the font etc. is the work in this sector.

    This is also the same kind of option in which various companies find freelancers. Because it’s not the work for all day in a month it came very few so they gave you the opportunity.

    You may learn some of it’s tool from online or from offline and you can grow your expertise in it.

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    So these are all the possible ways by which students can easily earn at least rupees 15 thousand per month unless and until they don’t quit it in between. If you like this article on the best part time jobs for students in India then please share it with your friends and let them help to find a good career option. If you have any query then mention them below in the comment section. I’ll definitely try to help you ASAP.

    FAQ’s on best part time jobs for students in India

    Which is the online part time jobs for students without investment?

    There are many jobs of this kind but Freelancing and Amazon online work from home is the best in them.

    What is the best part time jobs for college students?

    Blogging, Meme Marketing and Affiliate Marketing are the three best part time jobs for college students.

    Which job is best for students?

    Online Teaching, Video Marketing, App Development are some of the best job for students.

    Which is the best paying part-time jobs for college students?

    Affiliate marketing, Video marketing and Network Marketing are the best paying part time jobs for college students.

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