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    How to earn by teaching online – Tips to earn Rs 50,000 per month

    How to earn by teaching online – Tips to earn Rs 50,000 per month

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    I will share a very interesting process with you through this article on how to earn by teaching online, if you can and want to teach people, then how can you earn more than 50,000 rupees in a month I will tell you in this article.

    Friends, a lot of difficult things happened to everybody in the world in 2020. But one thing that happened which I think is good for the world was the way of teaching changed. Earlier teaching meant that we would go to school, a classroom, a college, and a teacher would teach us there, it also meant that to go to a good college, we would have to far off, if we are in a village or a place where they’re no good schools and colleges, then we would have to leave everything and go somewhere far off. There the fees might be high, you might not get admission, So it was really hard to get a high-quality education. But because of the pandemic and lockdown, education exploded.

    Now you learn through your phone while sitting at home from the world’s best teachers, not just your course but many other life skills too that are important for you. You can figure out how to be a decent cook, how to talk unquestionably, how to oversee individuals, deals and showcasing abilities, how to sing, how to paint, you can learn whatever you generally needed but couldn’t accomplish because those instructors were not accessible around you.

    Now how to ride this? How to convert this positive wave to your benefits? So, in this article on how to earn by teaching online, I will share with you that, if you know something that people want to learn, if you are interested in instructing others then how might you make it into your business, your calling?

    How to earn by teaching online 5 steps towards earning 50,000 rupees a month.

    1. Know your Ability

    how to earn by teaching online. step no. 1 know your ability

    The first step of how to earn by teaching online is to Identify what it is that you know that the world wants to learn.

    Don’t hesitate, please. Many people underestimate themselves, they say, ‘I know nothing, there are so many talented experts out there.’ No, don’t think like that, think about something that sets you apart. Think about something that you bring to the table which very few people can. It could be your energy, your experience, your inspiration, the way that you are youthful and you see the world in an alternate manner. Anything like that.

    I am also an entrepreneur but I am not the only entrepreneur in India who did a start-up but why am I able to teach people about a start-up?
    Because I genuinely want people to do start-ups. That’s why, with the same emotion and enthusiasm, when I take the course of how to do a start-up, people can make it out and I realize that people then feel that, ‘he is doing this with so much energy and passion so why not, I too should get some inspiration and motivation to do a startup’. And that is my superpower, that is it, it’s not like I know a lot of things and all, but there are enough and more people who know just as much but maybe don’t bring the same energy.

    Even you also have to take the same decision because that is the most important.

    2. Clarifying target viewers

    step no. 2 of earning by teaching online is clarifying target viewers

    After knowing your ability now, the second step of how to earn by teaching online is to ask yourself a very important question that is which people will benefit from this knowledge? Who are my target audiences? You, Will, have to do some research for this, please do not assume.

    I will give you my example when I started my start-up course, I was thinking about which people would like to join this start-up course and I felt that the only people who would want this start-up course are people who are already founders and they are doing their own start-up, it’s becoming difficult, it is not so easy, so they would like to listen and learn from an experienced founder. But surprisingly,

    60 % of my audience are people who are students.

    Students who have never done a start-up yet but want to. In fact, only 10 % of my course are founders, other 30% are working professionals who are fed up with their work or have a desire for a start-up, so they want to learn what all goes into making a start-up happen.

    If I hadn’t done that research, which I did before launching the startup course then I would have gone chasing founders and I would have taken absolutely opposite direction.

    That is the journey you have to undertake as well, a journey of research, lots of evaluation, lots of conversations, ask a lot of people that, ‘if I can create a course on interview skills, I add value into your interviewing skills. Course a lot more than college students. So that should be your second step.

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    3. Creating your course

    step no.3 of online teaching is creating your course

    Third, after identifying what you will teach and whom you will teach, then comes the most important and the hardest part, which is designing the whole course.

    Now this will happen only through trial and error. For this, you should have to take a ton of demo classes, a ton of free classes. Its almost like stand-up comedy, where you have made up a joke in your mind but, I don’t do startup comedy, I am just saying I think this is the way, it would happen, so you have thought of a joke but you don’t know how that joke will be delivered, you don’t know if people will laugh, you don’t know if the people you were targeting will laugh or not.

    So, You have to try these things on them and you will also have to think about the types of these courses too. Should it be a live class? Should it be a recorded class? Should it be a mix? Should it be a presentation-led course? Will you be speaking through the screen? Should there be assignments or not? Can you make groups in it or not? Can 100 people take it at one time or not? Will it work if more than 25 people join it together?

    All of these nuances have to be figured, all of these things have to be determined and this will be possible only if you genuinely take it as a practice session.

    Last year in 2020 April, May, June, three months, I took 18 such classes. ‘ pay what you want ‘, I didn’t intend to make any money from anyone.

    I was genuinely trying to learn what’s working and what’s not why, and some people paid just rupees but I was not complaining at all because I was learning from them, their feedback was telling what am I doing right and what I am not doing right and after those 18 classes, I got a good clarity that if I make a start-up course, then what will be its components, how to deliver it and how to price it.

    Since it was ‘pay what you want’ so, I also got an idea about the value people gave to my courses.

    4. Selling your course

    step no. 4 is selling your course

    When you have determined the topic of your course, your target audience, and the method of delivery, now comes the selling part, which is a different art. It is a different journey which I think everyone should take at any cost. How to sell is perhaps the most important skill that anyone will have in their life. Thus, for this, you should make showcasing guarantees. Is it a video ad, banner ad, text ad, or other?

    You may have seen my ads on youtube, Instagram, or Facebook, those ads are changed every week. We evaluate experiments and tests with a lot of ads. We keep experimenting on which landing page will those ads be delivered to. So, many experiments keep going.

    You will make ads, it could be banner ads, videos ads, text ads, if you send a message to your friends on WhatsApp, that is also kind of an ad, the way you will write it, what will be the USP, why should people do it, what will be the price, what are its details, all those things which will excite you yourself in an ad should be present in your ad.

    This will also require trial and error, it won’t be perfect the first time, doing it again & again, making mistakes, crossing obstacles will help you make a perfect ad. Be patient because it’s a good journey.

    5. Designing a campaign

    step no. 5 is designing a campaign

    Design a campaign with your ads. These ads will run on Google, Facebook, Instagram, if it is only video ads then it will run on youtube, Instagram, and Facebook. For instance, my ads run on whatever community I made on LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram and I told them about my courses in my ads.

    If you are not aware of digital marketing then please do a course, it’s a very important & useful skill to have. It doesn’t cost much, only 499, you will understand the basics in 6-7 hours. After that you will start Improving yourself, only if you do it yourself, it’s not rocket science, It’s not complicated but it is important to do it.

    What you will then get through his campaign?

    You get a ROI measurement through this campaign, that is ‘how much investment can return you how much money‘?

    I can give you a ball mark, that on a small scale if you invest 1 rupee then you can get 2-3 rupees and that should be your goal. To do this and to reach this point, you must know digital marketing, if this 5th step is scaring you then please don’t be scared because ultimately this is the only step that will help you to make a course into business.

    Understand, this simple maths logic

    Suppose you are selling this course for 299, it’s a 5 hours course, the price is very less. If your course content is good, you are teaching well, you are delivering well, then many people will readily pay 299 for 5 hours.

    So now since this course is for 5 hours, you may take classes from Monday to Friday and can take a break also on Saturday and Sunday, then you can attend 5 such classes of 5 hours in a week.

    Suppose you take 20 students in each class, not more than that, assume it will be a small class because then there won’t be much pressure of getting a big audience also and all that, and if possible, if you have time, you are a student or a freelancer or you are not working right now, then maybe you can take 2 classes every day, which means in a week you will take 10 classes and, in a month, you will take 40 classes.

    If you do this maths calculation,

    Rs 299 (price for per course) × 8 batches (per month) × 20 students per batch = Rs 50,000 per month

    Price of 299 rupees per course, 20 students per course (a course of 5 days means 1 week), you will take 2 classes every day which means in a month you will be able to run 8 batches then you will end up making 50,000 rupees a month.

    Your marketing cost to accomplish this should not be more than 20-25000 rupees. And that means as a profit, you should make 25-30000 rupees spending just 2 hours a day.

    Now, if you increase your course

    • price from 299 to 499, or
    • class size from 20 to 30, or
    • teaching hours from 2 hours per day to 4 hours per day

    Then you could easily be making anywhere between 4-5 lakh rupees a month by teaching and it is only possible because the world has changed.


    Friends, please do not dismiss what you know. Each person definitely has something hidden inside which is important for others to know, and it will benefit them if they know it. Don’t dismiss yourself. Please, present yourself to people as a teacher, as an instructor, as a guide. You will be surprised at how much the world will love you. If you find this article on how to earn by teaching online to be helpful, then please mention your love and support in the comment section below.

    FAQ’s on how to earn by teaching online

    Which platform is best for online teaching?

    Coursera, Udemy, Khan Academy, EdEx are some best platform’s for online teaching.

    Which free software is best for online teaching?

    There are lot of free online software but Google Classroom and TalentLMS are two best free online teaching software.

    What equipment do you need for online teaching?

    In the beginning don’t try to spend lot of money,
    You just need your phone
    Some good bulbs for lighting and,
    one white board

    How much can you make teaching online?

    Trust me you won’t believe, because people underestimate this profession but through teaching you can earn up to more than Rs 4-5 lakhs each month after implementing some useful tips by reading this article.

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